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Venturis Consulting Group is a leading management-strategy consulting firm for the legal sector with offices in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Milan and New York. Venturis acts as a trusted advisor in the design, facilitation and execution of complex strategic and organizational initiatives facing the legal industry.

We help the management of sophisticated law firms worldwide to respond to changing market and competitive dynamics, establish powerful market positions and achieve superior performance. Our advice and research-based insights have been tested and shaped through many years of experience in driving strategic and high impact ‘bet the firm’ change and transformation processes. Our services are organized into three practice groups.



Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position for a firm based on an analysis of the legal industry/markets in which it operates and an analysis of its competitive positioning. It requires you to make trade-offs when competing – to choose what not to do. Strategy involves creating a sustainable ‘fit’ among a firm’s activities, preserving what is “distinctive” about the firm.
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People & Organization


Our advisory services focus on the organizational design and human capabilities of a firm and in particular on aligning strategies for recruiting, developing and retaining talent, taking into account each firm’s unique history, culture and leadership style.

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Strategy Execution


Implementation of strategic initiatives in law firms is challenging. Based on a detailed assessment of goals, capabilities and available resources, we work with our clients to develop tailor-made execution programs to achieve sustainable and measurable results. We help our clients to develop leadership, execute transformation processes and optimize management practices.
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Why Choose Us

Our partners and consultants have worked ‘on both sides of the fence’ – in senior positions as fee-earners and in business service roles in several global law firms. Several of us are also alumni of the world’s leading strategy consultancies.

This broad experience enables us to build trust quickly within your organization as well as with your own clients. It also helps us get quickly to the root of your challenges and come up with possible solutions. Over the years, we have collectively worked with hundreds of law firms in a wide range of countries throughout the world.

In 2015 Venturis Consulting entered into a strategic alliance with WarwickPlace Legal (New York) followed in 2016 by an Alliance with KermaPartners Latam/Miami and Kerma Partners Germany (Munich).

Our firm’s structure encourages teamwork and collaboration. We bring a deeply integrated approach to advising our clients about how to solve their most important and difficult strategic challenges.

We work well with our clients’ people and enjoy doing so, integrating them into our processes and inquiries as much as is appropriate. We listen – we don’t dictate. We constantly challenge to drive the best collective thinking forward. Together we deliver.

Every firm and legal market is unique. Basic principles may apply universally, but the individual mixes of clients, firm culture, partner aspirations, competitive dynamics and national market characteristics make it dangerous to apply generic approaches. We are well aware of this.

All our partners and consultants have an international background, are used to operate in multi-cultural environments and have a proven track-record in several jurisdictions. Our consulting processes are specifically designed to treat every client as the unique group of professionals that it is and to find ways to differentiate each firm and its brand in ways that its clients recognize as being unique and valuable.

Our practice spans the world’s key legal markets with reach into the emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia. We are particularly well placed to advise clients with activities in the United States, European and UK legal markets.

Our Team

All our partners and consultants have advised and/or worked for leading global law firms in leadership positions. Most of our partners are active in the academic world and are alumni of the world’s top strategy consultancies and business management schools. These broad skill sets, experience and a proven track-record allow us to assemble the best possible team to meet the specific needs of our clients. See other team members.

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Our goal is to be your firm’s advisor of choice in solving your most important and difficult challenges