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People and Performance

The most important asset in your organization deserves maximum care. Especially in recent times, new topics like different life and career models, accompanying training, further education and internal structures and processes have become increasingly important. In addition, socio-political focus on topics such as Diversity and ESG are developing more and more into relevant determinants of business success. We help you to develop a state-of-the-art support for your people, ready to cope with those challenges helping you to capitalize on your most important asset.

Services for Law Firms and ALSPs

Applicants and internal clients alike increasingly expect harmonized and user-friendly digital processes in all facets of HR work. Processes and policies, as recommended to clients, must also be revised internally and not and not only updated in line with current case law.

Recruiting new employees does not begin and end with the preparation or signing of the contract. Employer attractiveness must be developed, worked out and maintained. Successful recruiting begins long before a candidate graduates or enters the workforce. Focused target group strategies are a central prerequisite at the start for the increasingly scarce source of “human resources”.

Leading, training and further development of talents is of immense importance: Transparency about a further training offers that goes beyond pure legal expertise is just as much a central determinant as different career paths and models in order to retain the best among the best. Lifelong learning: This applies equally to career starters and experienced professionals.

The evaluation of work performed is a core process as client satisfaction is. This includes crystal-clear criteria, systems, cycles and the ability to professionally communicate recognition and criticism. This is even more true for new models of division of labor – and places. The repertoire of actions also requires new and further methods.

Services for Legal Departments

It is increasingly difficult to find the optimal organisational design and operating model. Should Legal be centralised or decentralised, or be organised based on legal expertise areas or based on business units or value streams? What are the best internal collaboration models and when shall Legal be involved, consulted or informed in matters? We help you set the right organisation and construct internal collaboration models, to make sure you add value and are positioned right in the enterprise.

The legal function must make sure it has the right people in place to get the job done. Continuity of work must be ensured, despite a business that is always evolving and with constant change in the legal team too. You need to be able to find and onboard new people in a flexible and agile manner and find ways to capture know-how to ensure continuity despite changes in the team. We help you build the right structures for function resourcing and to secure and operationalise know-how, to create a more robust and resilient function.

What skills do you need in the team to do the work properly? You need to understand what gaps you have and how needs are changing, so you can plan ahead and figure out how to bring in and develop necessary competencies. For example, you may need to add complementary skills to the team, beyond legal know-how, such as legal operations professionals. We help you map up your competence needs and identify gaps that need to be addressed, and can also offer trainings to build new skills you need, such as in legal project management or change management.  

To create a high performing team, you need to define what great performance means and make sure targets, key initiatives and metrics are cascaded to individual members of the team, and find ways to monitor and measure team performance. We help you build the right structures. We can also support your work with team well-being, for example help you manage heavy workload and stress by developing strategies for time management and helping you prioritise better.