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Technology landscape audit – a starting point for unlocking the true value of your firm’s IT investments and grow the business

Jul 07, 2021 venturis News 0 comments

Right at the outset of the CoVid crisis, law firm management has found itself confronted with technology and management challenges to ensure client service persists through remote working. As if this had not been challenging enough, the sudden increase in connectivity has high-lighted gaps in many firms’ technology foundations. Most firms have taken emergency measures to temporarily address these operational and cybersecurity issues. The crises is abating, yet digitization amongst clients and the competition amongst law firms are accelerating.  Therefore, the time has come to get clarity and rectify the firm’s technology and digitization foundation. A technology landscape audit offers a structured and efficient way to get started.

Gerard Neiditsch:
“Over the past decades, law firms have acquired a wealth of technologies organically.  Consequently, some component parts:

  • may not fit together well
  • exhibit strains through process and information inconsistencies
  • contain outdated or – worse – under-/un-supported applications
  • have become susceptible to partial or complete failure
  • are expensive to maintain and use, i.e. they offer poor value-for-money
  • have failed to extract the expected value because of change management challenges when the applications were introduced
  • are missing out on synergies through application gaps or lack of integration
  • are faced with increased security threats that some of the firms’ legacy technologies were never designed to handle
  • are unable to cater for a world where corporate legal team increasingly select law firms based on a pool of competitive data

To help our clients address these issues systematically, we have developed the technology landscape audit product. It allows law firms to quickly grasp the status and comparative standing of the technologies they use. This provides the basis for law firms to re-assess, prioritize, and ultimately address their IT needs.  A technology landscape audit contributes to an organization’s continued success in a rapidly digitizing world.  In this emerging world, legal services are increasingly won and managed independently of location and other physical constraints.

The overall outcome is to know the health of the firm’s technology foundation and how well each component contributes to the firm’s strategic and operational objectives:

  • Understand technology gaps, opportunities and risks
  • Understand the pathways to address specific digitization challenges.  This can be achieved through technology deep-dives where solutions have not lived up to expectation or where gaps have been identified. 
  • Establish the basis for informed decision making

I attach a more detailed overview of VCG’s technology landscape audit. Please fill in your details below to download the brochure”.