Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil - Venturis Consulting Group
Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil
Oct 05, 2021 Partner

Rupprecht is a Partner at Venturis Consulting Group. He has been working in the legal industry for more than 15 years. His focus is on positioning & strategy, structure & governance, profit distribution systems and culture & change.

Profile & Professional background

In 2002 he started his first consultancy in the law industry which he merged in 2010 with KermaPartners taking on the role as Head of Continental Europe. In 2018 KermaPartners put their continental European activities together with Venturis Consulting Group, creating the predominant consultancy in this region and beyond.

Rupprecht assists law firms in increasing their competitiveness by making evolve their business model in rapidly and fundamentally changing markets. He works with our clients mainly on their positioning and the strategy as well as their governance and structure necessary to implement the positioning. In this context, Rupprecht helps law firms to adopt their Profit Distribution Systems, including contribution management, in order to support their strategic goals. Often, these projects require elaborated change processes which he designs. Related to this, Rupprecht works with our clients on their culture as basis for this change and – indeed – as an economically hard success factor for the evolution of our client’s profitability – and by that their competitiveness.

Education & Memberships

Rupprecht holds a degree on organizational psychology of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He participated in various further trainings on group dynamics, social systems and systemic consulting.

He is from Germany and speaks fluently English and French.

Recent Projects

  • Development of the Positioning and Strategy of a Top Ten Firm in Germany.
  • Evolution of the client firm’s culture in order to make the firm attractive for clients as well as for all the members of this International Business Law Firm
  • Evaluation and development of an International Business Law Firm’s culture in order to make the firm more attractive for clients as well as for all the members.
  • Definition the implementation plan of a sector focus strategy within a leading German law firm.
  • Supporting a partner team of a leading French firm in reviewing their Profit Distribution System incl. the contribution management.



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