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A merger between two Dutch mid-market firms with multiple offices

The Client
The client is an independent Dutch mid-market law firm with multiple offices in the Netherlands.
The Problem
After an internal strategy process that was facilitated by Venturis,
the client decided that, to reach its goals of  strengthening and broadening its core practices, as well as the partnership, a merger was necessary.
Our Approach
We started by identifying and analyzing the conditions and do’s and don’ts with regard to the merger candidates by looking at the practices, client sectors, and the professional and cultural fit. This exercise led to a long list of merger candidates. Using our client’s anonymous value proposition we reached out to a number of firms that we had identified. On the basis of the first discussions with candidates, we facilitated follow-up meetings with one firm; at the same time we performed due diligence on the candidate.
Our Solution
Our approach of structured interviews with our client and the merger candidates, the due diligence on both sides and the subsequent value proposition and follow-up meetings with one final candidate led to a new business case for the combined firm. The combined firm has strengthened and broadened the core practices and the partnership of our client.