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Strategic Marketing

Planning a strategy to face competitors and align with your firm’s market, find the right positioning and improve your reputation on web and offline, implement a branding or re-branding strategy after a spin-off or in start ups, can be a very challenging and complex project.

Venturis Consulting professionals work alongside with partners on setting the right targets, find the right providers, planning their marketing, web and  and manage the projects to find their positioning also in terms of image, brand and web site, with tailored solution coming from a specific experience in law firm sector.

Web positioning analysis,  together with operational business development activities are one of the sectors in which Venturis can help a firm. After setting up a plan, it must be executed correctly and we can help partners and lawyers on it.

Marketing is crucial in any organization. Professionals at Venturis Consulting offer law firms the tools to identify their market place, the right market positioning, competitor analysis, but also to work alongside the Firm in managing its web presence.

Marketing is crucial in any organization. The developing of strategy that leads the firm into a different market together with the settlement of new procedures and b.d. projects such as “key client”, partners’focus or other, can be central for increase firms’ revenues and success.

From finding the right name of the Firm, to providing the best legal blogging tools, presence and activities on Social Networks such as Linkedin groups and firm page, to help the new organization to integrate their respective look and image in a new, successful one, is our aim.

We have selected several  proven capabilities experts and we amassed a large portfolio of logos and firm image, copywriting of web sites and brochures, implementation of standard pitch style and online and offline marketing tools such as newsletter and CRM activity.

The relations with the press and printed media, as well as online media, requires a continuous and intense activity. Venturis Consulting  has established relationships with journalists all around Europe and its professionals have the expertise to assist organisations in the management of either inbound and outbound press office, media relations and crisis management.

Monitoring a firm’s web reputation and its enhancement along with the management of the corporate website or e-commerce sites, as well as the proper use of social networks, play an important part of legal marketing.

Checking the positioning of a Firm is a matter of analysing many websites, magazines, trend setters’ blog, and social networks. We provide a full and integrated analysis document that can help the firm to understand its position on the “web” side of the market even in comparison with its own competitors.

Events like education and training process, public speaking, in house seminars for clients, webinar and beauty contest for prospect clients are opportunities for building relations and networking.

A good event can bring back opportunities and the targeting, organization and -even mostly- the follow up activities are crucial. At Venturis we can help the firm marketing department in managing every event project from a cocktail to a fair.

Knowledge is a value, particularly for a law firm. The way a firm generate, share, communicate and leverage their intellectual asset is considered the information economy’s source of competitive advantage.

At Venturis we have wide experience in managing projects and process of KM in the legal sector, both on technical and contents side.

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