Venturis Consulting Group enters into a cooperation with Laurens Consulting in Hungary - Venturis Consulting Group

Venturis Consulting Group enters into a cooperation with Laurens Consulting in Hungary


Venturis Consulting Group has expanded its activities in the CEE by starting a cooperation with Laurens Consulting in Hungary. Laurens Consulting (Budapest) is headed by Mihaly K Varga who previously worked with Clifford Chance, DLA and Noerr CEE as a BDM & Strategy Director.

Gerard Tanja, Amsterdam-based partner having worked with international business law firms and national, independent firms across Europe over the last twenty years says: ‘’We’ve been working with Mihaly and Laurens Consulting in several, high-impact and strategic projects across the CEE, but also in Brussels over the last few years. The cooperation adds an important capability to our existing consulting and execution services in the CEE. Mihaly’s strategy and business development experience, and in-depth knowledge of the CEE jurisdictions will help our clients in their efforts to optimise their operations, organizational models and increase their competitive abilities.”

Mihaly K Varga, partner at Laurens Consulting, is excited about the collaboration: “Our capabilities and areas of expertise are very complementary. Our experience and track-record in designing and managing strategic business development and client programs, practice management initiatives and market intelligence research dovetails extremely well with the other strategy consulting practices of Venturis.”

According to Mihaly, truly understanding clients’ needs is crucial: “If you really invest in understanding the culture and business drivers of your client and tailor your advice accordingly, the potential of achieving improvement and increasing client’s competitive positioning is immense.”

In addition to the design and introduction of strategic business development and practice management programs, the two firms aim to provide implementation services and solutions to law firms throughout the region. Laurens Consulting is well-placed to provide strategic project management and execution support to law firms.