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Law firms are focusing more on Operational Excellence

Nov 24, 2020 venturis News 0 comments

Get your projects and processes in order to meet client demands, retain talent and secure your profitability.

Clients demand cost reduction, efficiency and transparency. Digitizing of legal services requires sound workflows and good workflow management. Young lawyers want a better work-life balance. Law firm partners want to prevent profit leakage that occurs at various stages of matters and to protect or improve the firmĀ“s profitability.

While this might sound like trying to square the circle, it is in fact possible to give the most important stakeholders of law firms what they want. Methods like Legal Project Management (LPM) and Legal Process Improvement (LPI) are key. Venturis Partner Marion Ehmann is advising law firms on design, introduction and execution of LPM and LPI. She is also doing open workshops several times a year. Read the following article about the IWR-Camp for German-speaking lawyers specializing in international business law.