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Business planning & strategic account management

Robert van Beemen will hold a seminar, dedicated to Asla members, about:
(a)  the importance for law firms to properly address and introduce a business planning process in their firms at Firm level and Practice Area level.
(b) such a process contributes to collaboration and “teaming” in law firms and must not need to be a “bureaucratic” process, but rather a very pragmatic and practical process by which the partners discuss and agree, in general terms, the annual business objectives of the Firm and/or the practice areas/departments or sector groups
(c) the seminar will provide the participants with templates, check lists and guidelines how to introduce, organise and plan such processes and will focus on practical tools
Linked to a proper and simple, annual business planning process is the issue of (d) client relationship management and strategic account management and (b) the importance for law firms in an increasingly competitive market to first focus on maintaining existing clients (and to improve revenue generation from such existing clients) and improving service delivery to such clients, before focusing on new, potential clients. The seminar will provide participants with proper guidelines, check lists and tips of how this process can be managed and which questions partners and BD professionals should ask themselves in this context.
Like the business planning process, client targeting and the introduction of strategic client account programs and the identification of which clients are really “strategic” and key to the Firm are very collaborative processes in law firms and require partners to team up, work together and break down the silos that so often exist between practices in law firms.
The meeting will take place at ASLA Office,  Milan.
Download the program in .pdf version (Italian)
Event Details:
Date: 22 November 2016
Time: 12:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Venue: Via della Moscova n. 18, Milan
Note: The seminar is reserved to ASLA members. Light lunch included.
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