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The importance of business intelligence to grow law firm performance

By Gerard Tanja and Mihaly K. Varga

Business Intelligence: How law firms can turn business intelligence into a competitive advantage

 Law Firm Business Development & Marketing

Increasingly, sophisticated law firms in Europe are upgrading their business development and marketing departments. Such firms realise that operating a fully-fledged, professional business development and marketing function contributes to creating added value to their service lines and, ultimately, creates distinctive, competitive advantage. In an already crowded legal market which is characterised by increasing rivalry, pricing and profitability pressure, less loyal clients and growing internationalisation, several of the European 100 firms and top-tier independent national firms are investing heavily in a professional business development and marketing support function.

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Gerard Tanja is one of the founding partner of Venturis Consulting Group, he brings more than 30 years of experience in the legal and professional services sector to his clients. Since 2005 Gerard’s main focus has been on assisting clients to create competitive legal businesses in Benelux countries, Germany, Central Europe and Italy.

Mihaly K. Varga is a business development consultant with over 20 years of international experience gained at global law firms. Based in Central Europe, he has a unique experience advising on developing and executing cross border strategy for law firms endeavouring to ‎achieve competitive advantage through the implementation of state of the art client relationship management and practice development.