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Every firm is unique. Basic principles may apply universally, but the individual mixes of clients, the firm’s culture, its partner aspirations, the competitive dynamics and market characteristics make it dangerous to apply generic approaches. Our consulting processes are specifically designed to treat every client as the unique group of professionals that it is and to find ways to differentiate each firm and its brand in ways that its clients recognize as being unique and valuable.


Our firm’s structure encourages teamwork and collaboration. We bring a deeply integrated approach to advising our clients about solving their most important, difficult strategic challenges. We partner well with our clients and enjoy doing so, integrating them into our processes and inquiries as deeply as much as is appropriate and practical.


We listen – we don’t dictate. We constantly challenge  to drive the best collective thinking forward. Key to this is leveraging our expertise and knowledge of best practices in the world’s leading firms and current thinking from leading business management schools, to provide our clients with insights that are new and valuable … and are able to be translated into practical measures that improve performance.

Schermata 2016-11-18 alle 15.23.21SOLUTION DRIVEN

Strategy and its execution must focus not only on the medium to long term future of the firm, but also on solving mission-critical, short term challenges that hinder achieving that desired future. Our approach to problem solving is intensely pragmatic, focusing closely on the effectiveness of solutions and their positive impact on the firm’s economic performance and competitiveness.


We provide independent and objective perspectives, supported by rigorous research and analysis, coupled with a wealth of experience based insights. The information that we can provide is bespoke and can cover a wide range of topics from economic and socio-political market analysis; to demand for legal services in different practices / industry sectors / markets, to competitor intelligence; to business information about key clients that allows a better understanding of those clients and their needs.

Our goal is to be your firm’s advisor of choice in solving your most important and difficult challenges