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Cristina Montaruli
Nov 15, 2015 Consultant

Cristina is a lawyer and business analyst, she has started working in strategic marketing and communication in 2013 with consultancy firm Paris & Bold, and, since 2015, she has operated in strategic alliance with Venturis Consulting Group.

In September 2017, she formally joined Venturis Consulting as consultant in the execution of strategies and talent management projects.

Professional background

Cristina has been a lawyer for several years and worked for two italian niche boutique in Milan and Bergamo, where she practiced in Debt collection, Family law, both judicial and extrajudicial. Prior to join Venturis Consulting, Cristina worked in Paris & Bold as a consultant since 2013.


Cristina handles direct contact with clients, she creates and oversees projects in the area of ​​marketing and communication for professionals, working closely with web programmers, graphic designers and IT. She manages brand creation projects, institutional websites construction focusing on copywriting and editing contents for the web and social networks.
Cristina makes market research projects and business analysis in order to evaluate talents and teams, as well the best placement for legal start-up, from solo practitionaire to medium size firms, and she handles special marketing projects, tailored to clients  (such as creating events, courses and workshops).
Her experience as a lawyer allows her to adopt the best strategies that fully comply with Italian legislation for lawyers.


Cristina graduated in Law from the Università degli Studi di Bologna in 2006.


She is a member of the Italian Bar Association since 2008.