Knowledge Management in Law Firms

Gerard Tanja, partner in the Amsterdam office of Venturis Consulting Group, is one of the editors of a new IBA publication on  "Knowledge Management in Law Firms" which will be published in September during the IBA Annual Confernece in Washington DC. Gerard is also the co-chair of the Know How subcommittee of the Law Firm Management Committee of the IBA and a frequent speaker on knowledge management issues in law firms. Currently, Venturis Consulting Group is advising the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the Dutch State Counsel for the Judiciary on the introduction and execution of an integrated knowledge management system including the introduction of a new organizational and governance model.  

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Insights, Strategies, Results

Our partners have experience with some of the world’s leading law firms, both in-house as lawyers or in senior business service roles and also as external advisers. Several of us are alumni of the world’s leading management consultancies. We advise sophisticated law firms worldwide in solving their most important, difficult challenges, establishing powerful market-positions and achieving sustained, superior economic performance.

Major law firms today operate in an increasingly complex, competitive and uncertain environment. Building 'winning positions' in lucrative markets, now more than ever requires clear and sustained focus that is appropriately and realistically resourced. We understand that making these high risk, 'bet the firm' decisions about direction, focus and priorities within the required time-frames can be challenging.